Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dr. Pepper and Belly Jelly Donut

Mmmmm, belly jelly donut.

I, by no means, am a hoarder. That said I have recently discovered that I may have a weird attachment to chapsticks. Having found no less than twenty one, unsealed, mostly expired, sticks of joy, I think it's time to let some go.

Tubes that are on the chopping block:

  1. Expired. Yup, there is such a thing as expired chapstick. Though the date may be really small, it's most likely there, usually in conjunction with SPF ingredients. Oldest chapstick in my collection: April 2003. Seriously, that's disgusting and also that's twelve years past the use by date. Those that have no label and I know to be old were also included in the category.
  2. Distasteful. Don't worry I know that you shouldn't eat chapstick. This knowledge was obtained circa Lip Smackers era when Dr. Pepper just smelled too good to be true (it was too good to be true and so was Candy Confetti and Belly Jelly Donut). However, tastebuds may still get a lick of this stuff and if it tastes bad, smells bad, or in my instance makes your lips tingle in a worrying manner, it should definitely be discarded.
  3. Dirty. You know, from being in the bottom of your purse or the floor of your car; contains hair, sand (and you haven't been to a beach for years), dirt or dust on the cap or even inside. Don't risk it. Your life is too precious. Throw it away.
The ones that make it through the gauntlet you should keep, but don't let yourself buy new until you have used up the old! Try your hardest to ignore the 6-pack Eos for $14.99 on display at Costco. Keeping minimalism in mind, you don't need multiples of the same thing (even if your mom makes you free lip balm made from all natural ingredients). This doesn't just apply to chapstick; my endeavors included all lip gloss, lip tints, lipsticks, lip balms etc. When you've recovered, move on to your makeup drawer and your bathroom cupboards. Even if you got it for free, use it or lose it man.

CONFESSION: I have a long ways to go still, but pared down to 3 lip balms, 4 lip glosses (1 unopened), 1 chapstick and 1 lip stain. My goal, umm... less than that.

Total: 9 damnit.

Need not,

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The best way to start is to begin.

Not pictured: Four other bags.
But really, how many makeup bags does one girl need? (The question of how much makeup one girl needs will appear in a different post). We all have a few of these, gift with purchase patterned bags of joy. (CONFESSION: I get mine from my grandma and my aunt).  Don't get me wrong, if you wear makeup you should have a makeup bag, notice I said bag. And not bags.

I've used them all, as travel bags, as bags for the car, in my sock drawer, or for my school bag. It's time to say good bye. The easiest way to begin our minimalist journey: examine items we have multiples of and get rid of the extras. Ask yourself, preferably in the mirror so there's no hiding, "Do I NEED this?" Easier said than done? Try it, I dare you.

Need not,

Hello, let's get rid of something...

Let's get real. Less usually isn't really more or however that cliche goes, but my husband Brian and I have taken a huge leap of faith (in our ability to purge). This year our New Year's resolution is not losing weight or breaking bad habits like chewing our nails. Nope our resolution is to become MINIMALISTS.

I know its against the growing trend of buy, buy, buy and stuff, stuffing, stuffed. I mean how can we ever aspire to get our own reality show on TV if we don't have drug addictions or stuff addictions? Against all better judgment of our mothers, "You'll need that when you have kids!" We've committed to each other and to those three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle); with particular emphasis on REDUCE.

Each week we are committing to get rid of ONE (1) item each. That's 1 item for 52 weeks, a minimal total of 104 items. Let's be honest it's easy right now, and I know that any of you could accomplish such a feat for one month, maybe even a couple months; but 12 months of getting rid of stuff - that's a bit daunting.

Three weeks in we aren't nervous yet, but decided to journal our journey and share it with you! Check back each week for the items we rid ourselves of, and for extra info on how you can simplify your life and be a healthier, stronger, leaner and meaner, you.

Need not,
Brian and Josey