Sunday, March 29, 2015

Taking the plunge!

In case you didn't know Brian and I are still going strong in our New Year's resolution of eliminating one item per week per person from our lives. Whether it be donated, discarded, recycled or repurposed (as a gift. for someone else. outside of our household. thank you, Sarah Huss.) (CONFESSION: to date we have gotten rid of over 200 items - that's rounding down)

But this week we really outdid ourselves. Not in number of items purged but in the size. Bigger feels so much better when its a noticeable item that you clear out of your life.

We got rid of ...

...(insert drumroll)...


I know. We are some crazy @$#&!$
sans desk.

This item probably could count for the both of us (especially since it included a chair and chair mat), but we had other items on top of that. We have more excess than we know how to get rid of - things still keep popping up and while we were worried for a bit there, we can't believe we still have so much stuff. still. Thank goodness we are only in week 13 of 52.

Back to the desk. Why would we get rid of something so substantial? We did, in fact, use it once in a while, and it wasn't cramping our "feng shui" style. BUT we really didn't need it. Minimal use shouldn't justify keeping something, that's not what minimal-ism means, no matter the size. AND we really hope you'll understand (mom. dad.)

The new challenge in our minimalism quest seems to be simplifying our life and our space, without looking crazy. Brian thinks you'll understand after watching any number of Tiny House videos on youtube. The lives those people live are incredibly simple and that is exactly what our goal is. Spareness - which can include blank walls and open walking space. And Simplicity - lots of green, living things, light, and breathing room. Check out the videos below (especially if you can't believe we got rid of a desk!) Because living with less means living larger!

Need not,
Josey & Brian

WARNING: you most likely will feel like fairly lazy after watching these videos, and you may even feel like you need to get rid of something... 

Many thanks to - you are so wise. 

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  1. I'm a borderline hoarder, so I'm taking great inspiration from your blog. So much inspiration that I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!!! Check it out here: I look forward to reading more from you!