Thursday, August 13, 2015

Blog about blogs

Follow my blog with Bloglovin'
Sorry but this is just a must! If you like reading blogs (especially if you have a busy life) then check out Bloglovin' - they do the dirty work and tell you when new blog posts are up; plus it's super easy to search for new blogs.

Or don't follow my blog with Bloglovin', it is of no matter to me (CONFESSION: I would consider it an impertinence) (SECOND CONFESSION: I've been watching Pride & Prejudice all week on repeat... the disc is starting to skip)

Also for all of you European readers my apologies if the new information about cookies use is obnoxious. Google likes to track our every move, and we like to let them.

Now come back on Sunday for a real blog post, that is if you haven't gone into a romantically-inspired deeply and completely permeating swoon from Mr. Darcy's bewitching .gif!

Need not,

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