Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hitting a Wall

Just because we are trying to be minimalists does not mean we are there yet. We aren't. we still have a lot of stuff - we think too much, our parents are concerned not enough. And even though we aren't there yet, we are feeling ourselves slow down in our pace of picking things that have got to go. Probably the hardest part: clothes. Here are some reminders for those of you trying to reduce along with us and feeling your motivation waning:
  1. Only keep the things that make you happy. Stop yourself from lying. You either are using something or not, it either makes you happy or you are literally torturing yourself in the place you call home.
  2. Only keep the things that are making you healthy. By this I am referring to the hoards of chemicals and lab-developed sugars that are hiding in your beauty products and foods. Make a commitment to yourself to put less importance on the things that are harming you and in doing so let them go!
  3. Sort by category. Try not to go room by room, especially since there are items in every room that belong to the same category.
  4. Don't let stuff in! Start saying no to things you don't need (or want), don't let your mother-in-law guilt you into taking things (this is true for both Brian and Josey, regardless they still love the moms).
Exhibit A
We have gotten rid of over 378 items. (CONFESSION: This is an estimate on the low side) And we are not discouraged yet. Not even close. In fact I feel so good when I open the fridge, pantry, closet, dresser, drawer/cabinet/door and see less! It makes me feel less anxious, less heavy, and all around less ridiculous!

Take for example the picture to your right, which we shall name exhibit A. Think you don't have a lot of things still lying around? Paper clips and push pins. We counted 540. That's five hundred and forty mother-loving' paper clips. On a daily basis we use 0 paper clips. Zero. What up with that? (I had to. See exhibit B.)

Exhibit B
While we won't be getting rid of any more big ticket items we are still committed to down sizing our 1 bedroom apartment to a manageable number of belongings (a number greater than 100 for the sake of worry-wart-moms everywhere.)

Need not,
Brian and Josey

P.S. we are getting rid of those paper clips. They count as 1 item.

P.P.S. Is Kenan Josey's long lost twin? Comment below!

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