Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How to fill a goodwill donation bag in less than 60 seconds:

Quick! You need to declutter your life and you don't want to think about it too long, because then you'll make excuses for why you "need" to keep every item you have previously brought into your home. Jump off of the couch, get a paper bag, ready? Set. Go!

  1. Old magazines on the coffee table, you're not going to read them, you haven't for the past 14 months
  2. Pants that are either too big (unflattering) or too small (if you lose weight you deserve new pants)
  3. Dull and rusty knives, they don't work so get rid of 'em
  4. Shoes from high school (especially if you are not in high school)
  5. Hats that you no longer wear or no longer resemble their original color (i.e. the white ones)
  6. Outdated textbooks, classics are exempt
  7. Frames with no pictures (unless your photos are ready for pickup at Costco)
  8. VHS tapes, you better not have any but just in case
  9. The VCR ... seriously, let it go.
  10. Old trophies and medals excluding ones from the Olympics, not that your accomplishments are unimportant, but plastic is.
How'd you do? Remember that the point is to get rid of items that you don't use, need, or enjoy yourself. Let someone else in on the fun, purge and be the better for it.

Need not,


  1. If your magazines are recent issues (less than a year old), you can donate them to the Penn Lake library. There is a swap box in their lobby for new magazines. I take mine in every month so that they never pile up.

  2. Ruth! Thanks for the great suggestion, while all of ours were 3 years + old, that is an awesome way to recycle old magazines!