Friday, February 6, 2015

Congratulations to Ruth and the MetroTransit

Just sayin'. 

CONGRATULATIONS to our cousin Ruth
She single handedly took the award for 

*First person to comment on our blog* 
*First person to make an excellent minimalism suggestion 
pertaining to the recycling of paper goods* 

I admit that second category is a bit wordy, but I'm sure there's a condensed version on the trophy label, as I am sure there is a trophy (CONFESSION: there is no such trophy)

Problem solving time. How to get to evening festivities with friends (and a certain brother/brother-in-law) 10 miles away without leaving a car (our only car, as in there is just one car in our household) or paying for a taxi etc. etc. Some might suggest Uber or some other high tech taxi service (but being that neither of us have smartphones this would make such an endeavor difficult and expensive).

Never fear MetroTransit is here! Now MetroTransit is something to be admired, certainly I believe it to be amazing. Having used the bus many a time dating back to the days of plaid skirts, the public library and Planned Parenthood (more about 5th grade another day). Brian and I thought to be hopeless last Saturday evening when planning to venture uptown, but were saved when I remembered both our walking abilities and our proximity to a bus station! Decidedly we planned out our trip (see link provided for your own endeavors) and embarked on our mile and a half walk to the nearest stop. Reminder for readers not in the state of Minnesota, temperatures were no more than 25 degrees requiring hats, gloves, and winter coats.

Taking the bus (one transfer and a total time of 51 minutes) is no big deal, after all we aren't the first to have stumbled across this crazy form of commuting. By happy mistake our bus was late (which I was able to check on only through a series of foreign steps including calling a number on the trip itinerary I had printed out, and pressing numbers on my phone, waiting patiently for the estimated time of arrival for our bus number). Happy because it resulted in extra time at a bus stop which we happily waited for inside of an establishment which provide ice cold drinks (I know contradictory to the temperature outside, but the establishment had a fully functioning heating system).

The point that I am trying to convey would be that of minimalism. Making our eco footprint smaller one ride share at a time and saving that hard earned dough for the things that matter most; like a trip to South Carolina or a split level home near a good elementary school. There's always a good story to be told when finally leaving those blue plush seats and neon bright lights. Ours includes a troupe of three young kids all sporting smartphones, which they were intensely involved in, and no less than one drunk man stumbling through the aisle (the details are ours to keep). Never discount the ease and accessibility of the bus, yes it takes quite a bit longer and perhaps I picked up a few strains of mold on my pants pockets, but hoorah for carpooling! MetroTransit is Most Amazing!

Need not,
Brian and Josey

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