Monday, February 16, 2015

CONFESSION: This is tough

So now that we have overzealously purged our excess items (over 150 items to date), we are reverting  back to the 'One Item Per Week' we initially started out to accomplish. This week my item was pretty weak, but Brian seems to have unknown stores of items he feels unemotionally attached to. I, however, haven't quite conquered the skill of getting rid of things not just for the sake of getting rid of things. So what to do now that the going is getting rough? Really consider what items we don't use and are not going to use. While owning extra cords and old cell phones seems like a smart idea, you might need a backup emergency cord or phone in the future, the simple fact is that you don't need it.

Example #1: Recycle unused (and especially unusable) phones, cords, batteries, computers, cameras etc. etc. There are many places to properly dispose of said items, I use this link:  Hennepin County RecyclingExample #2: Craft supplies that you have so much of there is no possible way you could ever possibly use them up, trust me, Brian and I try our hardest (apologies if you have ever received one of our handmade cards decorated with stickers from a coin operated machine). Example #3: Rocks. Yup you know you have some, rocks for a fish tank or bamboo plant or be it an igneous or sedimentary piece of earth excavated on a camping trip from the mid-90s. Some you could keep, but what are you really going to do with a rock (don't say paper weight, I'll know you're lying). 
Furthermore and on a side note, thank you Catherine for being the receiver of some of my unneeded items, preferably I should get items out of my household and not pass them on to others in my social circle - HOWEVER I think you might enjoy what was in that floral bag and I'm always willing to properly dispose of unwanted items! 

Wish me luck, because I think I'm going to at least need that...
Need not, 

P.S. In case your curious my items this week: colored construction paper (100 pages or so) and Elmer's glue

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