Monday, February 9, 2015

My mid-winter wardrobe update (for FREE)

Featured: said dollar jeans.
Love, love, love shopping. Hate, despise, just cannot stand spending money while shopping. May sound like a conundrum to you but for me it is an opportunity (and decidedly a challenge).

Luckily this whole trend of thrift and second hand is deeply rooted in my community (designer labels included). So instead of clipping coupons, enrolling in reward cards - running from store to store, mall to outlet mall, I simply go to one store (okay by chance I went to two different locations). The store has crazy great prices: $14 jeans and $20 dresses; but even better sales: $10 bag sale and DOLLAR DAYS (HOLLAH!)

Here's how it works, you bring in clothing that's gently used and from the last year or so - they evaluate your stuff (making you feel like a Nervous Nelly) and then they make you an offer; you can choose to refuse but when your goodwill bag is about to go to Goodwill, any offer is a good offer. Then you can shop tip you drop! So that means that I brought my clothing filled bags in and traded them in for the items in the picture; my math skills are awesome.
AND I still got rid of more than what I brought in. Booyah.
My point? As long as you have the washing skills of a 1980s housewife and don't mind the fact that someone owned or wore clothing before you (*gasp* kind of like buying clothes that someone has already tried on at the store!) then this is the deal for you. Seriously, those jeans were $1. And those fancy dresses, well I did splurge a bit (CONFESSION: one dress cost $10), but lucky for me my brother-in-law gave me a gift card for Christmas, making this girl all the more richer with a wardrobe that's a teensy tiny bit smaller.

Need not,

P.S. During said "Dollar Days" one lady walked out with multiple overstuffed bags, her discount was over $1500. That's no lie, click here for the secret store that was previously not mentioned. Get on their email list for notifications of their Dollar Days and Bag Sale - or ease yourself into the dirt-cheap-clothes process and go right now.


  1. You'd be proud of me went through my clothing and have a box ready for the second hand store inlcuding 3 hand bags and 1pair of boots