Sunday, January 25, 2015

The best way to start is to begin.

Not pictured: Four other bags.
But really, how many makeup bags does one girl need? (The question of how much makeup one girl needs will appear in a different post). We all have a few of these, gift with purchase patterned bags of joy. (CONFESSION: I get mine from my grandma and my aunt).  Don't get me wrong, if you wear makeup you should have a makeup bag, notice I said bag. And not bags.

I've used them all, as travel bags, as bags for the car, in my sock drawer, or for my school bag. It's time to say good bye. The easiest way to begin our minimalist journey: examine items we have multiples of and get rid of the extras. Ask yourself, preferably in the mirror so there's no hiding, "Do I NEED this?" Easier said than done? Try it, I dare you.

Need not,

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