Sunday, May 3, 2015

House hunting

Josey and I have been roughing it for the last five years; at least that's how she describes our living arrangements. Unable to put paint on the walls, blast loud techno music late at night, and park closer than 20 feet to our front door - all #FirstWorldProblems... But the economics of it all forces me to agree that we should start seriously house hunting - only problem is this minimalist movement that we've started for ourselves. It makes it really hard to want to buy bigger.

We know the location we desire, the schools that we feel would be good for our future unborn children, and the commutes that we are willing to make, as well as the amount of money we want to invest - what we are feeling stumped on -- how big is too big? For some people that answer comes easily (Go Big Or Go Home!); but for us we aren't so convinced. We feel more than comfortable in our one bedroom apartment, in fact wouldn't feel stressed out if we went smaller - after all we only use our bedroom for sleeping, practically never sit at our dining room table but instead use it for other functions, and feel as though our galley kitchen has one to many empty cupboards to desire an upsize.

So how do we know what square footage will satiate our minimalism needs in the present, but allow for maximum sanity in the future (with an unknown number of unborn children). I think we are leaning towards the 1950s average house size, and we're hoping that going smaller, going sustainable and green, will lower our eco footprint (mind you ours is still a two earths per person). Certainly buying a house is no joke - it's a huge investment and even huger commitment. I think for right now it's one that we need to research a little bit more, and don't worry parents a tiny house on wheels is not on our wish list (at least not for our first house!).

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