Sunday, November 22, 2015

3 Reasons Why You Don't Need Things

Recently, Brian brought up a good point. It's not just about having less, its about wanting less. It's not just about getting rid of stuff, you have to keep from reclaiming and regaining. And recently I've been noticing that I have stopped wanting things. Of course we still are bringing items in - we are American, after all - only a bit slower and in smaller numbers. It's mostly because the people around us are not minimalist, instead they are givers (kind and generous and loving givers, who we love).

Recently, I thought about why we think we, and perhaps you, don't need things and here's what I got:

Reason #1: You don't need things because they don't add to your purpose in life. Deep stuff, I know. Before we get too specific, think about what purposes in life usually look like; think Mother Theresa, Gandhi, or another selfless person who does good works in the world, like J.K. Rowling. Think, for a moment, about what purposes in life usually don't look like: that crazy cat lady on Hoarders, bankruptcy, or an overflowing storage unit. Those people who do good, don't do so because of the material possessions that they personally own. The items that fill their life are minimalized in order to better serve humanity. Told you it was deep.

Reason #2: How many things do you have that you don't use? If you don't use them and they don't make you happy, you don't need them.

Reason #3: The more things you have the more time you spend cleaning and organizing, sorting and maintaining. What a waste.

Instead of focusing on what you need and why you need it, and how to get it, think instead on what you can do, who you can do it with, and how come you aren't doing it right now! Never balk at things you can do for free, there is always merit in the company of others, regardless of how much money it will cost you, or not cost you. So go ahead, stop needing!

Need not,

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