Monday, July 20, 2015

Brian's Tip of the Week II

I know you thought you'd never be so lucky, but here you are.

Are you wearing your favorite pair of jeans right now? Oh you are (oh you aren't because it's summer). We all have one pair that we most favor - because the pockets are big enough, because they're clean. What ever it may be there are jeans in your closet (or on your floor) that you never wear. Maybe you put them on every once in a while with good intentions, but then end up swapping them for your favorite pair. That's okay dude, but you've got to get rid of some jeans. Especially the ones you don't wear.

So go. Right now. To your closet and be honest with yourself. Donate the pair you never wear. (Hopefully it's more than one, that means you aren't lying to yourself.) Alright I'll let you keep two pairs, but the rest have to go. Instead of a tip, this is actually more like a rule.

Need not,

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