Thursday, July 2, 2015

LuckyVitamin Plug

CONFESSION: this post is overly enthusiastic and contains no pictures.

Looking for an easy way to research healthy, reliable, and trustworthy products for your life? Also interested in purchasing those products without forfeiting all of your hard-earned-cash? LuckyVitamin is not only the answer, but holds all the answers - and is willing to share. LuckyVitamin has an easy to use website, giving the consumer the ability to make informed health decisions. This family-based company is all about 'spreading the wellness' and I'm hooked.

My favorite features on
1. Shop By: Specialty. It won't be long before everyone has heard of the perilous evils of parabens, paraffins and phthalates, but until then it's nice to have the option to easily search for products that don't contain them.

2. Shop By: Ingredient. I recently searched for Turmeric containing products after reading the Luckyblog post "7 Reasons Everyone Needs a Turmeric Supplement". My mom takes the anti-inflammatory supplement and swears by it, claiming her arthritic pain stays at bay as long as she includes Turmeric in her daily vitamin regimen.

3. LuckyBlog. While it's quickly becoming commonplace for business to have their own blog, not all of them actually regularly post or post quality content. LuckyBlog posts easy-to-understand health information and as if that's not enough LuckyVitamin also has a Health Library, for those of us with insatiable curiosities.

When it comes to buying products like Zum Laundry Soap or Nutiva Hemp Protein, LuckyVitamin is my number one stop, and I know my body (and my wallet) will be thankful. That is all.

Need not,
Josey and Brian

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