Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Second Biggest State Fair in the Country

As minimalists we are fairly good at minimalist-ing our life but the state fair is one event that is OFF LIMITS!

Confession: We don't do minimalism state fair style. We go nuts. We put our minimalism on a stick (for the day) and deep fry it. Boo-ya.

We eat as much as want (or can). We walk around for hours on end. We play carnival games until we win. until. we. win. We drink beer, mmmmmm specialty beers. We spend limitless amounts of money on said food and games. We educate ourselves in the eco-building (and the birthing barn). AND we have the time of our lives!!

This year I have successfully suckered my parents in to going -- excellent. So today, instead of dedicating my time to this wonderful blog, to entertain you wonderful readers, we will be at the state fair!!!


Josey & Brian

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