Sunday, September 20, 2015

We're moving!

Okay so we are not moving right this moment. But we would like to move out of our 1 bedroom, 775 square foot apartment eventually. like this year. please. And just like every other long-term-apartment-dweller we have a storage unit. (Confession: we are kind of ashamed).

No, our desk and bed are not in the storage unit; because no, this minimalism thing isn't just a fad. Let me remind you what it is: a way for us to reduce our consumption, declutter our lives, spend less time cleaning the mess that we have, and have more money for vacations. Regardless, a lot of the items we have gotten rid of we still technically have. Because, after all, it wouldn't make much sense to be 'minimalist' and to also contribute to the land fills (in a big way, current count of items is at 503 items). In fact because being minimalist includes saving money, we really feel strongly against just getting rid of everything. We are determined to at least try to sell items before they get donated, and hopefully not thrown away.

Of course all of our items aren't pure gold, people aren't scoping out our apartment through the slider doors, hoping and wishing that what they want most will be our next 'thing to get rid of'. And if they are, that's really creepy - and illegal. Get off our patio, you creeps! So Ebay, Plato's Closet, and Tradesy won't take all of our stuff. We get it, no big deal. Which is why we are saving the stuff for....
Cue fanfare. Not reinventing the wheel here folks, just stocking up for it. Because after all, you can't have a garage sale, without a garage. AND you can't sell things at a garage sale if they don't adequately fill up a driveway. SO we wait. and add more stuff to our poor storage.

CONFESSION(s): Also in storage: luggage (saving for that trip overseas or for an item later in the year), Christmas decorations (we only have two totes, I'd say that's pretty damn good), Christmas tree (don't be un-American, have a heart, the tree can stay. FOREVER), Snowboard and sled (Don't tell Haley and Ellie that I still own a snowboard, I haven't been on a winter trip with them in ever. As in I have never gone on even one trip to Whitefish. Insert guilt here). And a dolly and a four wheeler. Presto, change-o. Not too shabby! And before you get out those judg-ey looks, reflect on what you have in your possession. We live in under 1000 square feet of space. If you have more space, you most likely have more stuff. No matter what. (Well except if you are a minimalist also, and are doing it better than we are. In that case, kudos.)

So, come next spring there will be a great purge like you've never seen before. And if no one wants our stuff, we know there is an open garage door that will be waiting with a coupon and tax-redemption form to trade it for.

Need not,

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